Power of Maroons

Ananda Nalanda Alumni Brotherhood Network

Welcome to Ananda Nalanda Alumni Brotherhood Network

Ananda and Nalanda are two premier schools synonymous with tremendous achievements and have rendered yeoman service to mother Lanka. Our two schools enjoy a unique bond between us that has grown stronger over the years. This brotherly bond stemming from the fact that Nalanda College came into existence as a direct off shoot of Ananda College has immensely helped the development of both schools, an opportunity that no other school in the country has been privileged with.

Nalanda College, had humble beginnings as a wing of Ananda College situated in close proximity, housing a few primary classes. The classes grew and a new school by the name of Nalanda, a fine complement to Ananda was registered in 1925. Ever since, Ananda and Nalanda have been beacons of perfection showing the way to the rest of the country to follow.

Ananda and Nalanda have scaled great heights in all imaginable fields while shining like the brightest stars in the Sri Lankan educational sphere. Their alumni have performed mesmerizing feats such as - bringing freedom to the country from a war that spanned three decades with enviable political and military leadership, gaining world renowned victories in cricket and other sports, achieving excellence in academics and entrepreneurship along with other great accomplishments too many to mention.

Year after year we witness the traditional Battle of the Maroons played in a brotherly rivalry that has produced many a fine cricketer to the nation from these two schools. It is one of the finest examples of the benefits that two schools can derive by joining forces to work together towards common goals.

In this context, a concept of an Ananda Nalanda Alumni Brotherhood Network was mooted to create a more tightly knit community, consolidating the strengths of both schools with a vision to take up challenges and goals, common to Alumni of the two schools. It is envisioned that the Ananda Nalanda Brotherhood Network will grow in to a force to be reckoned with, among the school alumni associations in the Island.